Sweet Nightingale EP

by Kirsty Bromley

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Sweet Nightingale EP released November 18th 2011

Crow on the Cradle - Sydney Carter
The Trees They Do Grow High - Traditional
Roll You Sweet Rain - Kate Fagan
Sweet Nightingale - Traditional
Singing Through The Hard Times - Utah Philips



released November 18, 2011

Arrangements by Kirsty Bromley & Band
Simon Dumpleton - Piano, Accordion & backing vocals
Philippe Barnes - Guitar & Flute
Oli Matthews - Saxophone, Melodeon & Backing Vocals

Recorded by Philippe Barnes & Simon Dumpleton
Mixed by Simon Dumpleton
Produced by Kirsty Bromley & Simon Dumpleton
Photo by James Fagan
Artwork by Katy Coope



all rights reserved


Kirsty Bromley England, UK

Kirsty is a young contemporary folk singer based in Sheffield who draws upon a wide range of traditional music. She has a most disarmingly transparent voice, but also the uncanny and beautiful knack of drawing attention to the song rather than the messenger, by the manner in which she employs it. Her Debut Album 'Time Ashore' features original songs as well as carefully curated folk gems. ... more

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Track Name: Crow On The Cradle
The sheep's in the meadow, the cow's in the corn,
Now is the time for a child to be born.
He'll laugh at the moon and he'll cry for the sun,
And if he's a boy he will carry a gun,
Track Name: The Trees They Do Grow High
Oh, the trees they do grow high and the leaves they do grow green,
And many's the long and winter's night my love and I have seen.
It's a cold and winter's night, my love, you and I must lie alone.
My bonny boy is young but he's growing.

“Oh father, dear father, you've done to me great wrong,
To go and get me married to one who is too young.
Oh, he's only sixteen years and I am twenty one,
My bonny boy is young but he's growing.”

“Oh daughter, dear daughter, I'll tell you what we do:
We'll send your love to college for another year or two.
And all around his college cap we'll tie a ribbon blue
To let the ladies know that he's married.”

So early, so early, so early the next day,
This couple they went out to sport amongst the hay;
And what they did there I never will declare,
But she never more complained of his growing.

At the age of sixteen he was a married man,
And at the age of seventeen the father to a son,
And at the age of eighteen the grass grow over him,
Cruel death had put an end to his growing.
Track Name: Roll You Sweet Rain
Times it’s been hard & times its been easy
travelling the road that leads from your door
morning was bright and grey clouds came early
we never said goodbye before

All the wild horses and all the wide blue skies
all of the places we saw in our sleep
no looking back now we have to keep travelling the road
that is under our feet

Sweet rain coming down from the mountains
down to the rivers and seas
Sweet rain coming down from the mountains
roll you sweet rain roll right over me
roll you sweet rain roll right over me

Goodbye the houses that cling to the mountains
all the long days and all the long nights
goodbye the fruit trees that bow down black branches
I’m leaving behind for the first light

miracle wishes we throw by the roadside
yesterdays secrets tomorrow desires
always the sound of a hundred hearts beating
to keep me through forests and fires


Some say I’m foolish and some say I’m reckless
sometimes I’m weary from traveling the road
but there aint no home but the one that goes with you
strong as a great wall of stone

Chorus x2
Roll you sweet rain roll right over me
Track Name: Sweet Nightingale
My sweetheart, come along, don't you hear the fine song,
The sweet notes of the nightingale flow
Don't you hear the fond tale of the sweet nightingale
Track Name: Singing Through The Hard Times
Chorus x2
We are singing through the hard times
Singing through the hard times
Working for the good times to come x2

Sometimes our living gets so dark and lonesome
it seems like theres nothing we can do
so we reach out to each other and raise a song together
and let our voices carry us through


And when the war clouds gather its so easy to get angry
and just as hard not to be afraid
but we know in our own hearts no matter what happens
we just can’t turn our backs and walk away


So hand in hand together we help each other carry
the life that beats within us everyday
if we can learn to live, to walk and talk and give
that world of peace won’t be so far away

Chorus x2